Weekly Photo Challenge: Cheeky


Museum Negeri Provinsi Sulawesi Utara / Manado



6 Kommentare zu “Weekly Photo Challenge: Cheeky

  1. ok, we are retired from fun and crazy-help; we live as observers and your photo shows, that you are being watched as a photographer taking a picture of girls photographing a „cheeky“ girls action in this sulawesi museum…good photo!

    Gefällt mir

  2. Thanks! The „good“ is the action of that crazy girl, I only pushed a button. Lucky that I had my camera with me, because I knew, that there would something happen with so many school children at one place. Visiting this museum they were more interested in their handphones and me. This photo shows that high level equipment and photo-theory usually is abundant. More important is to be with a fast camera at the right place in time.

    Gefällt mir

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