Weekly Photo Challenge: Serene


Education-exhibition in Manado / North Sulawesi / Indonesia


8 Kommentare zu “Weekly Photo Challenge: Serene

  1. serenity = Heiterkeit; Ruhe
    This time you missed the funny little detail on the right. I’ve met this several times in these kind of exhibitions. Sometimes even with a condom. I wonder if they show it in rigorous Muslim-regions too.


  2. It’s a penis, not a joy-stick – although it could become a joy-stick.
    That’s your problem: You’re too far away from this reality in which government driven enlightenment of stupid savages plays a much more important role compared with the situation in Germany. I’ve never seen such a penis-erection in a public german exhibition. Are schools in Germany equipped whith that? Which tells us something. And the catholic altar was just around the corner.


  3. Really? That means, the neurotic christian minority is still trying to dominate german culture. On Bali you could even find them at temples.


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