No 7


new male goat with tired mother


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  1. I started with „Äziege“, the mother of this black one, just for fun and because I posess a lot of wild growing grass. It became a very close relation without getting more out of them than some money by selling the young ones. Till last week I had a herd of 7, sold 3, now they are 4 left. I can’t avoid that they are killed for cruel and stupid muslim rituals, but as they are very healthy and well fed, some of them are used for breeding. If cutting the grass wouldn’t be so much hard work for me, I would behold them all. I never killed one but helped with the birth several times, which is always an amazing experience. But usually they don’t need my help. And it’s always interesting to watch their different behaviour and what’s happening in a group. Since I have goats, human behaviour is no longer a mystery to me.

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  2. I just love the video Tom. My sister had goats many years ago and they were wonderful. When the kids were still small they would jump on your back when you bent over! They were just amazing. Rather sad that human beings still have (to me) ridiculous beliefs and religious rituals. Makes me shudder to think about it. Enjoy your goats 🙂

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