Discover Challenge: Finding Your Place


It is on North Sulawesi, in a rural village between rice-fields where my wife was born, where I began a new life in 2000, where I emigrated from Germany. Here I built this house according to my own plans and planted a jungle around.
At this place I would like to live till the end. If the morning light were not so dazzling, and you could see the Pacific horizon, you would understand why.
At this place, my wife began to betray me, and since then everything has fallen into pieces.


6 Kommentare zu “Discover Challenge: Finding Your Place

  1. We shouldn’t expect too much from a picture. The camera can’t show the Pacific horizon, the sound of a small waterfall, the death cries of pigs and dogs and the stupid very-loudspeaker-popsongs of Christian missionaries.


  2. That’s true Tom, the only effect on the viewer of the picture is the visual image. Sounds, smells, tastes and textures are all hidden. Loud Christian missionary pop songs do not go with your photo!!

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