Discover Challenge: The Poetry of List-Making


It’s my wife (67) – cheating on me with her new online-lover. „Life is chaotic and messy.“ First I discovered her social activities (a REAL discover-challenge) exactly one year ago. At that time she served the romance-scammer Harry Zeki (surely not his real name and perhaps part of the Nigeria-connection). Harry is a poor man who has all the bad luck in the world and always needs money. My wife supplied him with 52000USD while I was paying for her gigantic debts. Money gone, Harry too. Perhaps Edmond is a reincarnation of Harry. Actually she’s sending money to Edmond, while I’m paying for her debts. Today (22-Aug-2016) I threw this crazy old woman out of the house.

7 Kommentare zu “Discover Challenge: The Poetry of List-Making

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