Discover Challenge: Connection


It was in March 2009 when I started a blog at Tricycle, a Buddhist community. It became a great experience – positive as negative – which gave me a mental and creative boost:

The Buddhist Art-Teacher

I don’t know how to be a Buddhist art-teacher, so you can stop reading. But if you pretend knowing what art is, you can earn your living with that. No one really knows how to produce high art. You can teach art-history and technics, but no one knows, what to do (It’s the same with Zen-teaching!). In public schools some virtual authorities set the goals and you have to measure pupils and eventually degrade them. But the children and students take it always personal. You can’t say to them: “It’s useless what you do. You posess no sense for art. Try music instead!” Or: “You have no original idea. It has been done a thousand times like this!” They would get depressed and will hate you and art. So you put that typical American smile on your face – I was born with that, but lost it, when I got older – and you say: “There is some positive aspect. Try this in that direction!” But as a Buddhist you are not allowed to lie and some of your colleagues get annoyed by your permanent smile. The worst I heard about a Buddhist teacher, a quiet and friendly man: “He is boring!” Young people need more speedy dynamic and get lost in silence. They like producing musicals. Mies van der Rohe, that famous German architect, was sometimes found sitting in front of one of his student’s sketch, saying nothing. After a long time – no one knew if he was meditating or sleeping with open eyes – he only said: “Ja – ja!” And then he left the room. When I experienced a similar technic as an art-student, I also left the room and entered a gambling-hall.
So forget it! I left my secure and well paid job in Germany and started a rice-farm in Indonesia. Now I posess 6 goats, fish-ponds and a lot of fruit-trees. And when someone comments my pictures in the internet with “awesome”, I have to look in a dictionary: What to hell means “awesome”?

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