Discover Challenge: The Story Behind a Door


„… get outside and capture your own“, Cheri Lucas Rowlands wrote. ‚Which one?‘ I thought. But it was easy, because none of them did run away. This one opens my backyard, seen from inside. It’s difficult to capture it from the outside, because there grows my jungle. I stole that lock-design from a Chinese temple in Manado. This door is a result of a very long story which includes 2 continents, 2 people and a lot ot madness. I’m still writing about it in my blogs to find out, what really is happening.


6 Kommentare zu “Discover Challenge: The Story Behind a Door

  1. Interesting door fixture Tom, I guess the two horizontal pieces of wood slot in to special spaces. I like it, it’s rustic.

    Gefällt mir

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