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  1. I had this view from the hight of the „IT-center“ which offers mostly clothing. At the ugly and stinking „boulevard“ one can find 3 malls in a distance ~500m from each other, all with nearly the same assortment. Between them garage-shops all with the same architectural structure – their ass to the nice bay. Nothing is grown like an old city, but had been badly planned and fast constructed in low quality on new soil over the sea-ground. Strolling along, one could not say if this is an Asian city with a special style. During heavy rain, the street becomes flooded because the mostly open canals with their smelling grey water are obstructed by garbage.

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  2. Sounds horrible Tom. I feel sorry for people who must live in those conditions. We’re lucky to live in woodland with no neighbours, except the wildlife. And no MacDonald’s for miles.

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  3. I’m lucky too, to live in my own jungle (not too bad that in the meantime they offer pizza at the market, and the 3 new super-markets are more comfortable). But for the locals, nature is unpleasant, even dangerous. They don’t see the Pacific-horizon any more because it’s so usual. They like to live in modern houses close together, equipped with the newest cellphones – and motorbikes! That’s why they destroy the only quality, this place offers: nature.

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  4. In England it’s become a consumer society. You must have a car that will impress, foreign holidays, the latest mobile phone, etc etc. Debt is spiralling and so many live on credit. They don’t seem to realise they have a choice, that they could live much more simply, and maybe even enjoy it. So glad we left and became time-millionaires.

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