Weekly Photo Challenge: Spare


Kitchen in Kawiley / North Sulawesi / Indonesia



11 Kommentare zu “Weekly Photo Challenge: Spare

  1. Lots of interesting items Tom, I’m wondering what the red and the white machines are for? They look a bit like bread-makers!

    Gefällt mir

  2. I’ve not come across rice cookers. Maybe they make perfect rice every time – which is an attractive thought, especially as we eat a lot of curry.

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  3. I don’t like these machines, but for families who eat rice 3 times a day, they are some help. A problem is the rice itself – or the thinking of those who eat it: It has to be very white and stripped of all what is healthy.

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  4. The Western world seems to eat a lot of white rice. Worse than that are the packets of ‚boil in the bag‘ stuff! I do like basmati and Thai rice, and brown. Food is one of the best parts of travelling for me.

    Gefällt mir

  5. The last good rice-meal, I had in Germany. There you get all the best of Asian food – like you can see the best of Asian culture in the museums. What they are realy eating here (dogs for example) – you get a small impression from the photo – is very unhealthy and disappointing. But it’s OK for me, because it’s easy to stay slim.

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  6. Including the not ending troubles with my wife, I’ve become so slim, that I could act in a concentration-camp-movie. I’ve to take care not to lose my trousers.

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