How to make money without working


You did meet him @Twitter or Facebook or in some of these virtual rooms. You didn’t actually meet him and you never will. But he touched your lonely heart with his sweet poetry and compliments – all what you’re missing in your long and dull marriage. And as you wish to get out of that, you are chatting with an American IT-specialist – does he live in LA? – with international connections. He travels a lot – that you are wishing so much for yourself. Your very personal and singular experience becomes more intense, you are opening and performing. Although you are a greedy old woman – rotten outside as inside, who missed to develop her brain – some sexy clothings can cover a lot. And with that video, you did send to him, he got you on the hook.

But why is this nice, goodlooking man experiencing so much troubles all the time? In 2014, Paul, one of his twins, dies. Shortly after Paul, Peter dies too. Heartbreaking! And his carefull father can’t be present. How could you deny to send money, so the one and only could save his twins? Only YOU could have helped him! Again he got you on his hook. YOU are responsible for their death, so you are feeling guilty: „I’d like to ask you a favour. If you come to the tomb of the twins, ask them for me for forgiveness. And that I always remember them and that I’m always praying for their soul. Always, as long as I live.“

This poor man always has bad luck – like Hiob in the Bible. Arrested by Thai police because of some carvings in his posession – or is it a problem with his international passport? He needs money to become free. He stays in Istanbul and on Bali – or is he simply sitting in front of his computer in LA? He is even starving, has to live in a church and gets angry because you didn’t send enough money: „See what you’ve caused in my life. You destroyed my life and I lost my properties. You will cry forever for all you did to me till you die. You’re stupid. Fuck you. I put everything on one card for you, for that I must endure all possible insults about me.“ Honeymoon seems to be over.

In the meantime your husband finds out about your undercover-nightlife and you are pretending to stop that shit. But now it’s video-time. He blackmails you. „If you post the video, I’ll kill myself.“ No, it’s not HIM. Someone stole his laptop and used the video. That someone is even threatening that „WE“ will come to your hometown and give that special video to the press. Big misunderstanding! Hugs again on Skype. And you continue sending money. He even pays the first 10000USD back (he needs the small for the big fish). Every month you’re sending money via Western Union to Northern Cypres where he needs it for his house. You have to send it to different undercover-adresses like „Oluwatofunmi Olukayode Onakoya“, „Diamond Onyedikochi Emma Ajali“ und „Demilola Shadia Adenuga“, all Nigerian. Of course you never heard of the „Nigeria-connection“. While you’re losing at least 52000USD, your husband (who will never find out, how much money you burned and which online-predator he financed too) is cleaning the nearly half million Euro record-amount of your debts to get your house back, because you gave the papers as security – behind his back. In the end you have lost everything: your husband, your money, your integrity. And instead of HIM you meet bankruptcy. But you will never forget your online-lover’s sweetness, because you are the perfect victim of your own brain.


5 Kommentare zu “How to make money without working

  1. Bloody hell Tom that story just leaves me completely astounded. Your wife must have been so ignorant of internet scams which is quite incredible in this day and age. OK maybe she couldn’t help falling out of love and felt a deep need to leave, I guess it happens, and many people meet on the internet these days, but to send money to some complete stranger is the height of naivety. And to bring your life down with her is unforgivable. Hard to even begin to comprehend. There are some complete and utter assholes out there on the internet who prey on the vulnerable. I loathe them. Slimy, cowardly, underhanded bastards who have never done an honest day’s work in their life. I’ve had plenty of encounters with them, and their ridiculous stories. Most importantly I really hope you’ll start to rebuild your life in some way.

    Gefällt mir

  2. Thank you, Jude, for your comment. This is realy a hellish situation for me, and for now, I see no way out of it.
    The final absurd joke will be, that I’m stuck in her Indonesian hometown – because I lost too much money to restart in Germany – and she will leave, perhaps to the west? Of course it’s a wonderful place here, but too big to be handled by one fool alone.

    Gefällt mir

  3. I truly hope an answer comes along Tom. I think you’re too strong a character to give up, you just have to take it a day at a time. When wondering about a new course in my future my philosophy has always been ’something always comes up‘. It will for you.

    Gefällt 1 Person

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