Discover Challenge: Risk


glass-transport in Manado / North Sulawesi / Indonesia

I’m living a risky life. In the year 2000 I emigrated from Germany to my wife’s Indonesian hometown where she fell in love with an American online-predator at Twitter for whom she ruined our marriage and our finances. Now I’m having a great intelectual development being trapped in Indonesia.

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  1. I’ve been in that city once, and kind of like it. Of course it will be different to live there instead of coming as visitor.


  2. From my experience one of the most risky things is a relationship. I’m on the equivalent of a fifth marriage – if you include living together situations. Like glass, relationships can shatter, or unexpected storms (as in the form of American online predators) come along and break them. I enjoy your intellectual musings Tom – and most especially your snake pictures!

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  3. I believed in 1x-marriage. Therefore I waited a long time to find the right one. And which compromise could be greater to follow the partner to a strange, unsecure country? But after 40 years our relation indeed shattered like glass and the only security I could find, is in myself.
    Yeah, the snakes. I learned that some could take me out of my misery – it would last only ½ an hour.


  4. Being faced with suddenly finding out about your wife’s deceit after forty years must have been a massive shock and incredibly painful Tom. I hope that day by day you are able to heal.


  5. I would have understood that a long marriage becomes boring and that one could fall in love with someone else. But being cheated with such a criminal undercover-activity was a shock hard to take. And it’s obvious that this online-love is a classical fraud. It’s all about sending money (even with blackmail). She broke down because of drowning in heavy debts, but while I’m cleaning this mess up, I found out that she again started to send him money monthly – even with the Nigeria-connection involved. She acts like hypnotized. All this couldn’t have happened without the new social media.


  6. I think the whole new technological world has brought with it a lot of negatives. Mobile phones used for crime and devious communications, internet sites for just about any weird practice imaginable, social media for all sorts of weird and wonderful communications. Even a simple thing like placing an advert on a normal site to sell a motorbike brought me three scammers – probably all from some African country. It’s surprising how many people are taken in by total strangers. I’m suspicious of any unusual contact. I hope life gets better Tom.


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