Weekly Photo Challenge: State of Mind




8 Kommentare zu “Weekly Photo Challenge: State of Mind

  1. ey tom, again we could talk about composition, for example the vertical tree-center-line and left of it the bench near the water …
    (no one has seen this water until now, der aus urlaub zurück, der schon mal ganich);
    but we don´t do this;
    today we are interested, how you – quiet naturally – are eaten by nature after you left the bench of meditation, we look at your right arm and the right shoulder with strange struktures like open wounds – until we discover their origin; we look at your armpit with brown light above this rip of wild greenery like a cream cone, which simulates corporeal missing; yes, green cream cone, wonderful picture about „free willy, being eaten by nature“!

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  2. I think, I never felt here like being eaten by nature, although the savages, the ants, mosquitos and my goats are always trying. It’s more like becoming one with it or at least some sychronicity. Not being in opposition to it like I am to this weird, unpleasant Indonesian society. For example the humid warmth is like a friendly cover. Never I’m experiencing here such deadly western coldness and depressing wet climate. And I’m fascinated by this trees, I have planted myself, like I designed the whole scenery. The actual state of my mind is trying to escape into the consciousness of a plant which feels no social pain.

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