Weekly Photo Challenge: Door


Kauditan / North Sulawesi / Indonesia


11 Kommentare zu “Weekly Photo Challenge: Door

  1. LOVE this, love the hints of life inside, the children just outside the door, all of it. I’m going to link to it so that my readers can see this one!


  2. out-/inside, 5 persons completely isolated from each other and a lonely boy`s shoe prayer, yes, it is about shoes, these pink barbie special ones!


  3. SEVEN persons (4 inside to see), no one is isolated. 5 united in Koran rezitation (the one sitting near the entrance is the Imam and there’s someone behind him holding a book). The woman in front is part of the guest-group (like me) of a maturity- and baptizing-ceremony. They usually live very close to each other in large groups. And the little children are always fooling around.
    The formal analysis leads to nothing.


  4. ey tom, thank you very much!
    now a lot of people can see and hear the imam in this picture`s darkness and you as the woman in front;
    …to see, that there are no eye-contacts but much pink is not a formal analysis; pictures always act (active substances) different in different viewer`s minds, even if they can not „read“, and sure in an other way if they have been at the site of action in the special moment of photography.
    today very hot in germany too!


  5. Next time I will tell my neighbors to establish eye-contact because Mr. Rat likes to analyse it.
    There are different zones in the photo: the insiders (close family circle) who are just doing a Muslim ritual (singing and praying) together with the Imam. Some years ago I was even part of it. A larger group of outsiders under a tent who are waiting for the end of the ceremony and the start for the meal.
    And there are these children between: the boy with the praying gesture and closed eyes, and the curious girl.
    And you can see that people inside are sitting on the floor, shoes outside, and it’s a very simple hut owned by very poor farm-workers. These are some relevant facts about the photo. There would be much more to tell, for example about the ceremonies or the vanishing old clothing style.
    And if you are a very sharp watcher, you could even notice that after the renovation of this garbage-hut, the entrance doesn’t fit any longer to the stairs.


  6. We are a good team to explain pictures;
    sometimes Mr. rat is a very sharp watcher, he noticed the wireless church without schtrom and antika raya, he knows a door`s place between inside and outside as a parking of shoes, but sometimes he can´t see a pope in the darkness; with this limited perception he wasn´t the only one in this special door-challenge, so we could help a lot of visitors; but in no way he likes to analyse faked eye-contacts in tom`s neighborhood;


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