Weekly Photo Challenge: Roy G. Biv


2 rainbows at sunset


19 Kommentare zu “Weekly Photo Challenge: Roy G. Biv

  1. Do you notice some kitsch here? Where is it and what’s your definition of kitsch? Mine goes like that: An intention of exaggerated sentiment, which tries to overwhelm on a low intellectual and technical level – like religious art and pet-photos. Mostly to sell something better and often it’s a very personal category. What you criticize as kitsch could be an experience for someone else. If the photo is an unmanipulated cut out of reality, the kitsch exists only in the viewer’s brain.


  2. I like kitsch and I agree tot-aal:
    the 2 rainbows without any meanings are „not guilty“,
    your photo is an „unmanipulated cut out of reality“
    and it`s kitsch only exists in 34 overwhelmed religious pet viewer’s brains!


  3. I usualy don’t like kitsch in the way, I defined it, and I don’t understand why you are feeling the need to attack these likers so intensely. It simply looks like jealousy – a problem which occours sometimes with male visitors. The oldtime deer-competition never stops.


  4. as a female oldtime deer without a desease of internet-jealousy I do not feel the need to attack or criticize likers of „roy g. biv“ ( Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet) – rainbows,
    I meant, that a landscape-foto with a quantity of 70%-sky „sells better“ (35), is more popular with a nice double rainbow or with fucking gartenzwergs, at first glance not guilty in the great area of unguilty nothing;
    now correction:
    a rectangular photo is logically always a „manipulated cut out of reality“,
    look at the 2 points where the main rainbow enters/ leaves the rectangular image area!
    perhaps there is no liker`s need to identify compostoric facts, the likeable harmony of religious rainbow in golden cut acts unconsciously.


  5. Obviously these likes – and the selling-problem – has become your personal obsession, as someone who stays away from any net-show. So you can appear as a pure one.
    The number of likes says nothing about what I’m doing and it doesn’t impress me. This simply appears because I take part in a WordPress-challenge with ~1000 others all around the world. If you want to discuss what kitsch is, then you should define it (“It’s ALWAYS subjective!”). But I don’t see how this could be connected to my photo. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kitsch
    Of course is a crop-cut out of reality also some manipulation, but I see no need to discuss this, because every picture is limited. I even had to correct light and color to make it more real, because my camera uses to lighten the scene up in the beginning darkness. All what I can say about this, my daily landscape-view: It’s a nearly every day 15min red-golden glow just before sunset (always around 6p.m.), which I never saw in Germany. And it’s a pitty that the Pacific horizon appears on the photo foggier than in reality.


  6. I tot aal (dead fat fish without problems) agreed in your definition of kitsch!
    yes, selling and buying are far away from me!
    your numbers of likes in weekly photo-selling-challenges are very different.. so they say a lot about what you are doing, what else?
    I would prefer to discuss crop-cut manipulation and picture limitation!
    the rainbow position in roy g biv depends on your own physical position and this foggy pacifick view in your daily landscape, so the rainbow in this golden shit composition cannot start in your lonely palm tree.


  7. You’re fixed on the public response like a fly on glue. The like-response depends on my post-position at the challenge-site (follow the link). If I’m number 1, I get more likes than if I’m no 159. If I would react on every “like” with “O thank you very much!” visit the site and return a “like”, I would get more. The same with the pingbacks which land in my trash-folder. Something more objective is the number of views: Till now 186 (WordPress shows me without asking). If you think, all this is something relevant, you missed your job as an art-teacher.
    And your rainbow-position-discussion-needs are typical acrobatic-art-analysis-shit. I never liked that. Put it in Gosebruch’s grave!
    Here is something intelligent: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Regenbogen Especially in Indonesia I often have the feeling that I studied a lot of useless shit. At least Wikipedia made me notice the reverse of colors in the 2nd rainbow.
    Der oberhalb des Hauptbogens sichtbare Nebenregenbogen entsteht aus dem kleineren Lichtanteil, der erst nach zwei inneren Reflexionen die Tropfen verläßt. Er ist entsprechend schwächer als der Hauptregenbogen. Eine weitere Schwächung entsteht durch die größere Auffächerung des Lichtstrahls in farbige Teilstrahlen infolge flacheren Ein- und Austritt am Tropfenrand. Der Nebenregenbogen kann daher nur bei günstigen Lichtverhältnissen beobachtet werden.
    Das nach zweimaliger innerer Reflexion austretende Licht ist in einen zum Sonnengegenpunkt gerichteten Kegelmantel-Spot konzentriert. Der doppelte Kegelwinkel ist aber größer als 180° – der Kegelmantel ähnelt einem vom Wind umgestülpten Regenschirm -, so daß Spot-Licht auch rückwärts zum Beobachter fällt. Die halben Kegelwinkel sind 129° (51° von rückwärts gesehen) für rotes Licht und 126° (54°) für blaues Licht. Weil als Wechselwinkel die Komplementärwinkel der Kegelmantel-Spot-Öffnungswinkel zu 180° gelten, sieht der Beobachter im Nebenregenbogen die umgekehrte Farbreihenfolge im Vergleich zum Hauptregenbogen. Der Nebenregenbogen ist innen rot und außen blau.“

    Das erinnert mich daran, wie Herz-Jesu-Clown Norbert Blüm bei Maischberger das Christentum verteidigte: Die Wissenschaft könne ja gar nicht alles erklären!
    Dazu lese man, wie uns die Bibel dabei hilft.


  8. aha!
    as a „fly on glue“ (formerly „oldtime deer“ and „dead fish“) I didn´t know „post position“ and how to get it without any doing, only like-reponses as a public result of nothing ? – very special and interesting;
    until today I liked to have good positions with my head and body, perhaps as an art-teacher without a pingback trash-folder;

    yes I know
    we studied a lot of useless shit; but a position-discussion is no „typical acrobatic-art-analysis-shit“; I like to find or to present things, including the cause or intentions of their presence at a special place…you 2 ! the same like you – for example as a good!! photographer, a new rainbow-expert; even as a worker in your little „river of waste“ you like to find and to present things … (perhaps in this case „finding“ is another category)…


  9. I don’t know any Tellus. Is he Roman? A fat Italian deer on the glue? Or do you mean Tellus from Athen, the happiest of all men? Or Tellus, real name Ganglios, who is a native of the methane-atmosphere planet Hykraius and requires the production of methane?


  10. „And nobody noticed what is really interesting in my photo“….I think it is „tellus“, a rice farmer`s „terra mater“ …


  11. Saeviat tellus inter rigores:
    Impete, turbine, Carmelitae ne pavete.
    Fremat Lucifer inter ardores,
    artibus: astibus ditis minas irridete.

    Let the land rage with harshness
    Attacks, storms, do not fear, Carmelites
    Though Lucifer roars among the flames
    with tricks and artifices
    Laugh at the threats of hell.

    That’s what I’m always saying – like Georg Friedrich Handel, who was born 1685 in the DDR. In 1714 he founded together with Johann Christoph Wandel and Jimi Hendrix the trio “Handel & Wandel”.
    Or do you mean my comment from June 22th 2015 at 19:46 (for Americans who don’t have enough numbers: it’s 7p.m.), shortly after your comment at 18:49 (6p.m.)? I already answered that on June 22th at 05:50 (5a.m., nearly 6)!


  12. you said:
    „And nobody noticed what is really interesting in my photo.“
    I answered: “ yes! tell us!“

    and now I know, that my view of interest „tellus“ (fertility of the earth and order of marriage = https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tellus)
    is the bulls`-eye from jimi carmelite hendrix and you; I like the supporting role of that double rainbow …
    thank you!


  13. You’re always welcome! It would be nice to have a 3rd madman here, taking part in our discussions, like in the old days of our “Buntstift-Mafia”.
    If you really had written “tell us”, I immediately would have answered, that I alredy answered that on June 22th at 05:50 (5a.m., nearly 6)! But you wrote “TELLUS” which confused me so much that I thought, you perhaps meant Julia Lezhneva singing that Handel-song, although I don’t understand these Russians. Besides: Some extremely stupid savages here think that it’s very hot, where a rainbow touches the ground. I don’t know if this is true, because it’s hot everywhere.


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