wrong number


Buddha Tooth Relic“-Temple Singapore

PK concludes that Tapasvi and other religious heads must be calling a ‘wrong number’ to God and, as a result, spreading misunderstandings and meaningless rituals.”




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  1. I think, it’s both. Every religion is based on a hell-threat and a promise for solution – instead of understanding hell on earth. Not doing something against this, but money-collecting is the most important sacrament. You can see it in the YouTube-video, what refined methods they use. And for all western people who think, Buddhism is something else: It’s the same business.

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  2. There is a strong Buddhist community here very close to where we live. A friend who was very involved in that community, and become disenchanted, has talked of the power issues within it. It came as a big surprise to me who had always had an idealistic view about the Buddhists. I actually have a great mistrust of ‚groups‘ of almost any kind anyway. I simply like to try and live by the basic lessons and ideals of Buddhism. The money collecting issue threads its way through all religions it seems – look how much wealth the Vatican has! The thing that really fascinates me are the people who need these god-like figures (popes and archbishops etc) to look up to and worship – people in funny clothes and funny hats that I can’t help giggling at!

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  3. I have the same problems with groups, Jude. For a long time I found very inspiring ideas in Zen-Buddhism – till I became online-member of the American “Tricycle”-community. Nice people there, some of them I later met. And the worst hate-attacks of mentally disturbed trolls, I ever experienced in the net. But the most important was that I got contact with Prof. Brian Victoria for whom I made translations and helped in his research about the connexion between Zen-Buddhism and the Nazis. I learned that the most important German Zen-promotors after WWII had been engaged Nazis before. And the great enlightened guru Alan Watts was an alcoholic. Since then, that theme is finished for me.
    The Chinese version of Buddhism appears very primitive to me. And they are having funny fashion too:

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  4. Tom it’s really interesting hearing your experiences. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. I’m going to look at the links – thank you! In the meantime I’ll carry on with simple mindfulness which seems to work for me. 🙂

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