snake visitor


9 Kommentare zu “Intruder

  1. It looks very keen to get in. and incredibly agile – I love the way it’s got it’s tail wound tightly around the lock on the right. I wonder what was attracting it. Lovely series of pics!

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  2. It’s doing what it’s always doing: climbing up trees. But above that door there’s a carved ventilation-opening through which they enter the in-yard sometimes so I have to sweep them out.

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  3. beautiful and amazing.. you surely win the prize for the most snake images – very good images…

    i don’t mind sharing areas with snakes as long as they are not poisonous ones, but i think that women have an inbred/passed forever via genes to be instantly startled by the sight of a snake! z

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  4. I once saw a scientific experiment, in which a little girl spontaneously reacted on a chicken and on a snake. In the latter case with fear. I think that affects men as well. It’s a natural survival-reaction, which is artificially increased by stupid movies. For me, the variety of plant-poison is a bigger problem.

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