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  1. There’s always something to learn: I didn’t know the name “Darter”. In my “Enzyclopedia of Birds” he is something between a “Purple Heron” (Ardea purpurea) and a “Goliath Heron” (Ardea goliath). But the best is: I have the same view from my house from which I “shot” him and I planted the tree and designed the environment so there are now more funny animals.


  2. Seemed like what is known here as a „Snake Bird“ that is another name for a Darter! Envy you your surroundings! Hope YOU know how blessed you are 🙂


  3. I’ve NO idea because this term seems to mean that someone else than I did it by some sort of magic. But that’s not true. I did all the work. And it’s so strange what all is blessed here – even hair-dresser, handphone-shops and ugly resorts. Someone is blessing someone all the time.


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