Weekly Photo Challenge: Ready


Catholic cathedral Manado / North Sulawesi after a wedding ceremony


13 Kommentare zu “Weekly Photo Challenge: Ready

  1. Yes, but especially in that situation I was only a watcher – mentally far away from what was happening – allthough I was invited to that celebration.

    Gefällt mir

  2. Ready for a brand new life together . . . how appropriate for this weeks theme. Great photo! I couldn’t help but admire those church doors. I’m bad.

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  3. You’re not bad, you’re only not well informed about this most luxurious church on Sulawesi in contrast to the situation of the poor.

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  4. If I could do quality writing in English, I would explain that for me this photo contains all what’s going wrong in this region: The symbol of permanent cold and sometimes hot religious war, the unpleasant result of Christian mission, technic-crazyness, complete loss of original culture and taste, social show-bizz, an illusional idea of marriage and so on …

    Gefällt mir

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